Get Your Gris On – Think Appetizers

On November 14 and 15, 2015, Oak Knoll Winery is again getting its Gris on.

Long standing proponent of Oregon Pinot Gris, Oak Knoll Winery has historically supported this variety. And, it has good reason to do so… Pinot Gris is the state’s largest wine grape crop. Many would love to have Chardonnay catch up in Production, but those who are in the business of wine grape growing in Oregon have weighed in, by continuing to plant what demand is currently dictating.

Oregon Pinot Noir has its partner and it’s Oregon Pinot Gris.

As a result, Oak Knoll is continuing with Get Your Gris On in a couple of weeks.

President Greg Lint, came up with the idea of having a weekend, before going into the holidays, for suggesting Oregon Pinot Gris to winery fans. “Knowing that most families love to have sparkling wine and Pinot Noir with their main course, why not think Oregon Pinot Gris for the appetizer portion of our meals? It’s a natural!”

Since bounty is associated with Thanksgiving, starting with lighter wines makes a whole lot of sense. Starting with a heavy wine will destroy your palate’s ability to enjoy a lighter wine later, if you chose to go backwards in your tasting. A crisp white, like an Oregon Pinot Gris is a great place to start. As an experiments, take a few sips of a big meaty Petite Sirah and then try a few sips of your Pinot Gris. You’ll quickly understand. (This experiment can be done anytime, when a white wine and a red wine are open simultaneously. Taste the red first, then taste the white.)

And so, we’ve gathered a group of suggestions, in the event you’d also like to Get Your [...]

Oregon Pinot Gris Weekend is coming, November 14 and 15, 2015

Details to follow.

For Now, Oak Knoll Winery is in.

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Oregon Pinot Gris is getting its Gris On, Once More

Oregon Pinot Gris is once more Getting its Gris on, with a statewide tasting to celebrate this varietal wine.

Oregon, Get Your Gris On!™ is wine and food nibble tasting event for consumers and is happening at wineries that want to join the fun, on Saturday and Sunday, September 27 and 28, 2014.

The second largest grape variety being grown in the state of Oregon continues to be Pinot Gris, and Oregon wineries continue to want to build on the strengths of this grape variety:
STRENGTHS of Oregon Pinot Gris

Oregon is an perfect appellation, for place of origin
Pinot Gris a perfect partner for Oregon Pinot Noir lovers
The hallmarks of this variety are purity of fruit, acidity, and brightness
It’s an extremely aromatic variety
Price works well in restaurants for their by-the-glass program
Pinot Gris is an excellent wine for seafood, fish, and certain cheese
Oregon Pinot Gris’ palate texture is full and long, versus the Pinot Grigio style
It’s a perfect “entry” wine for tasting room customers

As a result, an Oregon Pinot Gris weekend has been created, and consumers can, for the second year in a row, get ready for “Get Your Gris On!™” fun.

So far, the following wineries are committed to Getting Their Gris On!

Christopher Bridge
Naked Winery Hood River
Naked Winery Bend
Oak Knoll Winery
Pudding River

If you’re an Oregon Winery and want to Get Your Gris On, on September 27 and 28, please just send an Email to me at and I’ll list you, too.