[Q]  How do I become a member of this marketing group?

[A]  At the June 2012 Oregon Pinot Gris symposium, we will take names for the second year of marketing. For now, the original members are the focus for 2011, as they responded to the multiple requests for wineries to become members of this group.

[Q]  Is it only open to Oregon wineries?

[A]  Yes, we’re trying to better define the styles of Oregon Pinot Gris and have it be appreciated for what it is, a delicious, world-class wine.

[Q] Why Pinot Gris? Why not lead with some other variety for Oregon, since they make so many delicious white wines?

[A] Pinot Gris is the second largest grape crop being grown in Oregon, second only to Pinot Noir. Since there is consumer, media, and trade momentum for this grape variety already, it’s a lot easier to bring prominence to Oregon’s “other Pinot,” than it is to try to raise awareness for wine that can’t/won’t be readily available as the momentum builds.