Enjoy Oregon Pinot GrisAirlie Winery, Apolloni Vineyards, Christoper Bridge Cellars & Satori Springs Estate, David Hill Winery, Oak Knoll Winery, Pudding River Wine Cellars, Terrapin Cellars, and Yamhill Valley Vineyards are all based in the state of Oregon.

Who we are reflects the passion for our winemaking traditions. Collectively, we have an intense desire to lead the way, introducing this second largest grape crop in Oregon to wine enthusiasts throughout the world. We’re all focused on being family-owned and farmed wineries, and we all produce Oregon Pinot Gris.

Our mission to inform everyone that there’s a very unique terroir for Oregon’s Pinot Gris: it’s world class and our Pinot Gris have stunning depth.

Our wineries each produce a fairly small amount of Pinot Gris. We cultivate the vines ourselves, and we have a respectful commitment to sustainability and minimal intervention. Our winemakers nurture the juice from vine to bottle.

We’re enthusiastic about introducing Oregon Pinot Gris to you, and hope that you’ll enjoy this site as a great beginning point for learning about Oregon Pinot Gris.