Professional Friends of  Wine: Pinot Gris

Seattle Times: Wine columnist for Seattle Times, “Paul Gregutt says that with a history stretching back almost 50 years, it seems a little odd that Oregon winemakers would still be searching for a way to make pinot gris a standout, signature grape.” Oregon pinot gris satisfies on all levels ~ September 22, 2011

Sydney Morning Herald:  Australia’s PinotG’ Style Spectrum is a chart that helps to delineate Pinot’s Gris/Grigio’s wide ranging styles, in a story by Huon Hooke, for the Sydney Morning Herald ~ August 4, 2010

Wine Spectator: An insightful story on Pinot Gris by Harvey Steiman of Wine Spectator, Putting Pinot Gris on the Scale, Gris or Grigio, where does it fit? ~ November 4, 2010