David Hill Winery

David Hill Winery & Vineyards

With sweeping views of Oregon’s coast range, David Hill Vineyards is one of the most picturesque wine venues in the Willamette Valley.


David Hill Winery is named for its geographical location. The name of the hill we sit on is David’s Hill, for Frederick David, an Oregon pioneer from the 1800’s.

The house that holds our tasting room was built in 1883 by the Reuter family. Adolph Reuter was born in Germany in January of 1841. The Reuter’s produced award winning wines from grapes grown on the property. Photographs dated 1904 on display at the winery depict the residence surrounded by apparently thriving grape vines. Unfortunately, Prohibition had a devastating effect and eventually all or most of the vines were pulled out in favor of potato plantings.

In 1965 Charles Coury, along with a few other wine pioneers, came north from California to establish vineyards in the Willamette Valley where they believed they could successfully grow Pinot Noir. Many of the vines still exist. There are approximately 6 acres of old vine Pinot Noir and 2 acres of Riesling. There is also Gewürztraminer, Pinot Blanc, Semillon and Sylvaner that were planted at that time as well. Reuter’s old farmhouseDavid Hill Winery is home to the Willamette Valley’s oldest Pinot Noir Vines

David Hill Winery & Vineyards

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